St Michael's, Cornhill
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Pupils of David Sanger, the internationally-renowned organ recitalist, recording artist and teacher, presented a public tribute to their teacher in the form of a memorial recital at St Michael's, Cornhill in the City of London. David, who died tragically in May 2010 at the age of 63, was President of the Royal College of Organists.

Four of his pupils, all of them leading players themselves, were joined by the leading Swedish musician Hans Fagius, with whom David made several duet recordings.  David Aprahamian Liddle, David Goode, Stephen Farr and James Lloyd Thomas each performed music of particular relevance - David Liddle's contribution was a performance of David's Sonata fort e piano, which he has had transcribed specially into Braille. Hans Fagius ended the recital with a performance of Bach’s Prelude & Fugue (‘The Wedge’).

The musical tribute took place on Monday 1st November 2010.   This was originally to have been the date of David’s own recital as part of a special series of concerts to celebrate the completion of a major restoration of the church’s historic organ.

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