2000 Recitals
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A selection of recitals given by David Sanger in 2000:

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bulletSt Lawrence, Alton, Hampshire, UK, Tuesday 15th February, 2000
bulletEllevang Church, Aarhus, Denmark, Sunday 20th February, 2000
bulletSt. Johannes, Herning, Denmark, Tuesday 22nd February, 2000
bulletCanterbury Cathedral, UK, Saturday 6th May, 2000 Essentially Bach
bulletReading Town Hall, Berkshire, UK, Friday 2nd June 2000
bulletHaileybury College, Hertford, UK, Sunday 4th June 2000
bulletSt Mary¹s, Hitchin, UK, Thursday 13th July 2000
bulletTewkesbury Abbey, UK, Saturday 15th July 2000
bullet Oundle School Chapel, UK, Saturday 22nd July 2000 Clavierübung Part III - the Greater settings
bulletDråby Church, near Ebeltoft, Denmark, Wednesday 26th July 2000
bulletAbilgård Church, Frederkshavn, Denmark, Friday 28th July 2000 Recital of music by Bach on the 250th anniversary of his death
bulletBrøndeslev Church, Denmark, Sunday 30th July, 2000
bulletMaria Church, Bergen, Norway: Four concerts, Sunday 6th - Tuesday 8th August 2000
bulletFrederiksberg Church, Copenhagen, Denmark - Sunday 27th August 2000
bulletSt Mary¹s Cathedral, Edinburgh, UK - Friday 22nd September 2000 Duet recital with John Scott
bulletMaria Enzersdorf, nr Vienna, Austria - Saturday 30th September 2000
bulletOskars Church, Stockholm, Sweden - Sunday 15th October 2000
bulletBoltongate Church, Cumbria, UK - Saturday 4th November, 2000
bulletSt Asaph Cathedral, Wales, UK - Saturday 11th November, 2000